• Responsibility

    The house
Since its foundation, Zancan has been a centre for tradition and excellence. Our constant pursuit of quality is reflected in all our jewellery pieces, from our expert artisans to our post-sales service, and in the way we conduct business from an ethical, social and environmental point of view.


Zancan subjects all of its diamonds to a guarantee system that allows us to trace their previous movements, in order to combat the prevalence of 'blood diamonds,’ which are extracted from war zones and sold to finance criminal endeavours.

Raw materials

One of the greatest challenges facing our industry is the unsupervised extraction of precious materials, which in addition to causing environmental damage, can also coincide with human rights abuses. This is why our company collaborates exclusively with suppliers who have signed agreements regarding the responsible extraction of gold, silver and precious stones, undertaking to implement every possible measure to prevent harmful and criminal activities.


Zancan promotes the artisan traditions that characterise the jewellery industry, working with expert artisans, who are on the verge of extinction. Our company has always taken a proactive approach to keeping these techniques alive. Preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient art of jewellery making is a source of inspiration and motivation for the House, and we strive to pursue the continuation of goldsmith traditions.

Workplace safety

Zancan is committed to developing the extraordinary skills and potential of its expert artisans, encouraging innovation through the use of cutting-edge machines while guaranteeing the safety of all employees in the workplace, in full compliance with regulations.

Production chain

We’ve established trust between suppliers, companies and customers, which is fundamental to the jewellery world. In order to create beautiful, quality jewels, as well as to guarantee a high standard of craftsmanship, technical and social sustainability, Zancan only hires people who abide by a certain set of ethical, social and environmental principles.
We ask all our partners to adhere to the high standards we set ourselves as a pre-requisite for working with us.

Gender parity

Zancan supports gender equality by creating equal opportunities for all its employees. The company also promotes the training and development of women within the company, guaranteeing high professional and social standards.

Environmental emissions

In a world that’s increasingly looking towards the future, Zancan is committed to protecting the environment and combating climate change, which is why we do everything in our power to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of our activities.

We use LED lighting technology, which provides the same quality of light while reducing energy consumption and heat emissions by 50%.