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Founder, president, designer and the life and soul of the company, Robertino Zancan started his career with the aim of creating a jewellery and accessory collection capable of elegantly representing men's personalities, and accompanying them through life.
It was down to his sheer determination and rebellious nature that an original brand was born, one that was able to think outside the box, soon leading it to international fame. His creativity and ingenuity is evident in every single collection, which wow with their unique flair and style, featuring daring, innovative details that serve to confirm the originality of Zancan’s jewellery designs.
Zancan is all about getting noticed Knowing you're wearing something unique and expressing your personality


Partner in life and in work, Cinzia Golin has supported Zancan from the get go, combining her love for the family with her love for the company, and making many sacrifices to bring the brand to international success.
Cinzia's intuition for trends and styles, combined with her entrepreneurial skills, make her the perfect partner to Robertino's creativity and vision, with collections that are in high demand in markets all around the world.
If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman