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This is where Zancan's true masterpieces are born, in Ponte di Nanto, in the Vicenza hills, in a modern structure built around an ancient olive tree that connects Zancan’s atelier to its workshops, where jewellery pieces are crafted by expert artisans.
Founded in 1989, the company embraced a renewed momentum in 2001after its founder, Robertino Zancan, made the decision to channel his passion for men's jewellery into original collections, and to inject life into unique designs that bring out the wearer’s personality.

The identity of man

Each Zancan collection exudes its own individual style.
An exclusive look with which to identify yourself.
An individuality in which to recognise yourself.
Every creation expresses a way of life,
thanks to jewels crafted down to the finest details.
To express your personality.
To confirm your identity.
I have always thought of my company as a great gem rising from the earth, whether I’m designing new collections or visiting the offices, which represent a real constant in my life.

Zancan's jewellery collections

Zancan’s jewellery collections are the result of the perfect mix of authentic artisan techniques and continued investment in modern and avant-garde technologies. A team of selected professionals scrupulously oversees each individual production phase with meticulous precision, from the processing of raw materials to the delicate finishing of precious stones. Our experts are passionate, highly skilled and pay attention to the smallest details, resulting in jewellery of exceptional quality.